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easily removes dust, debris, litter, and other debris.

Our Rechargeable mini vacuum cleaner just requires the push of a button to start sucking up messes.

The problem with cars, especially ones that we’ve had for a long while, is they get really dirty if not maintained well, or if you just have kids.

Sometimes, we just want to have a quick snack or two, hang out with friends, do a road trip – all these activities end up with a messy car because of dirt, snacks, crumbs, and not just that, even water and soda spills too. We don’t want that and the worst part is, it’s really difficult to clean your whole car. Well, not anymore!


This car vacuum cleaner is possibly the smallest of all cordless vacuum cleaners, with a suction force of over 6000Pa. It is easy to transport and store and can be placed upright. Can meet all  daily cleaning needs. 



Ideal for both cars and Home

What Our Customers Said


The Rechargeable vacuum cleaner has been received, and it looks very stylish and stylish on the car. The suction power is quite large, dust and everything can be easily sucked clean, the power cord is very long, it is really wrong to use it in a car, the internal design of the vacuum cleaner is also very good, the filter inside is OK It can be disassembled directly, and it can be used repeatedly. If it is dirty, take it off and clean it. The quality is strong and super satisfactory.



I have received it, and the seller's packaging is very careful, not bad. After taking it apart and looking at it, the appearance is very delicate, it looks very mini, and there are many suction nozzles, which can be used in different situations, because there is always a lot of dust in and out of the car every day. There are a lot of crevices, especially not easy to clean, and it is very troublesome to wash, so I decided to buy a vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner was recommended by a friend. I paid for it directly. It is really good. The * corner of the car, the seat The inside of the chair gap can be easily cleaned with the nozzle provided by the seller, which is particularly satisfactory.



Product Benefits

One of the advantages of vacuum cleaners is that it is an effective way of cleaning the car and home. There are no other means by which you can clean your car efficiently than when using a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner can remove all the dirt that you can even not see.


 Small & Light Weight – A car vacuum cleaner should be lightweight and compact so it’s easy to hold and maneuver as you clean in and around your vehicle.


Cordless – Cordless vacuum cleaner offers greater mobility and allows you to clean your car on the go.

 Easy To Use – Our mini vacuum cleaner just requires the push of a button to start sucking up messes.


 Special Attachments – The vacuum cleaner comes with 2 special attachments for reaching small cracks and crevices.

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